Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB)

  • Introduction ETPB was established in 1960 with its HQ in Lahore to look after the Evacuee Trust Properties / Land left over by the Sikh/Hindus who migrated to India during partition in 1947-48. It functions under Act (Management & Disposal) No.XIII of 1975 for management and disposal of ET Property / Land.
  • Background As a result of Nehru-Liaqat Pact (April, 1950) and Pant Mirza Agreement (1955) to guarantee minorities’ rights, ETPB always remained a Federal Subject supported by various Acts and Ordinances. Section 6 of the Act says “All Evacuee Trust Properties shall vest in the Federal Government”.
  • Objectives To supervise and control all Evacuee Trust Land / Property attached to the Charitable, Religious or Educational Trusts or Institutions or any properties which form part of the ‘Trust Pool’ lease out agricultural land, rent out ET Property, demolish illegal construction and retrieve ET land / property from illegal possession.


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