Serving Hujjaj is one of the most noble and heavenly duty. Under the Rules of Business, 1973 of the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony (MoRA&IH), Government of Pakistan has the legal mandate to make arrangements for Hujjaj of Pakistan. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is mandatory, once in a life time, for adult Muslims with requisite physical and financial capacity (Sahib-e-Istaat). Hardships of this pilgrimage are unavoidable primarily due to scale and intensity of the activity, despite the fact that the technological advancement has made it comparatively much easier in many ways. Government of Pakistan endeavors to ensure cost effective but comfortable performance of the Hajj by making elaborate arrangements, through a transparent process. Office of Pilgrims Affairs Pakistan (OPAP), Consulate General of Pakistan, Jeddah, is the operational arm of MoRA&IH, to make Hajj arrangements in Saudi Arabia.

About OPAP

Making Hajj arrangements in Saudi Arabia with the guidelines and rules ( taleemat ) issued by Saudi government. The ground work for each season is carried out by Opap in coordination with MoRA and foreign office in Pakistan and ministry of Hajj and Umrah at Saudi Arabia.

All affairs related to Hujjaj once they are at Saudi Arabia are dealt with by the opap mission within these parameters till all Hujjaj have performed Hajj and left back for their homes.

OPAP creates and identifies economical and beneficial arrangements for  Pre Hajj and Post Hajj activities while coordinating with Saudi Based organisations for better facilities and facilitation during Hajj days of Mashair. The Mashair are the exclusive domain of Saudi organisations and Saudi government.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make efficient Hajj arrangements in Saudi Arabia to ensure safe, economical and comfortable hajj in line with the policies of Governments of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Senior Management

Mr. Abdul Wahab Somro
Director General Hajj (Jeddah)
+966 12 6670980,
Fax: +966 12 6670988
Mr. Fahim Khan Afridi
Director Hajj (Jeddah)
+966 12 6694982
Fax: +966 12 6670988
Mr. Zia ur Rehman
Director Hajj (Madina)
+966 14 8250782
Zia ur Rehman


















Main Functions

  • To assist the Ministry of Religious Affairs in connection with matters pertaining to framing the Hajj Policy.
  • To make all Hajj arrangements and review the same for improvement on year to year basis.
  • To coordinate all the allied agencies connected with Hajj operation such as Airlines, Banks, Civil Aviation Authority, Saudi Consulate, Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, Local Administration, CDA, Pak. PWD, IESCO, Sui Gas, Customs, Immigration, Anti-Narcotics and ASF etc. for providing all adequate facilities to the intending pilgrims.
  • To extent all possible help and cooperation to the Bank Officers for filling up Hajj Application Forms and to extend guidance and assistance to the intending Hajj Pilgrims.
  • To arrange Hajj training programmes to the intending pilgrims and Welfare Staff in collaboration with Master Trainers.
  • To provide necessary guidance to intending pilgrims before their departure for Hajj.
  • To process and finalize all administrative and financial matters relating to Hajj Directorates and intending pilgrims.
  • Endorsement of Hajj Visas from Saudi Consulate on the Passports of intending pilgrims.
  • Fool proof boarding, lodging arrangements of intending pilgrims in Haji Camps.
  • To provide proper medical/welfare facilities to the pilgrims on round the clock basis in Haji Camps and at airports.
  • To arrange 100% inoculation of the intending pilgrims against MENINGITIS, flue etc.
  • Arrangements for collection and delivery of personal effects/belongings of the deceased pilgrims and leftover baggage of the pilgrims received from Saudi Arabia after completion of Hajj operation.
  • Dispatch of Hajj material i.e. (Hajj Booklets, Treatment/Health Cards etc.) to the intending pilgrims all over the country.
  • Monitoring of Hajj Group Organizers.


Sanction Strength

S. No.

Name of the post

Number of posts


Director General (BS-20/21)



Director (BS-19)



Deputy Director (BS-18)



A. A.O (BS-17)



APS (BS-16)



Assistant (BS-16)



Stenotypist (BS-14)



LDC (BS-09)



Driver (BPS-04)





KSA Hajj Taleemat 1444 AH

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Hajj Inquiry

Details related to Hajj Applications, Balloting, refund etc. are available on Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, Government of Pakistan’s website on the following weblink:

Hajj Complaint Management System

The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony makes arrangements to launch an updated electronic monitoring system for Hajj. The system has an in-built mechanism of transferring the
un-resolved complaints to the next tier of management for taking appropriate measures. The salient features of the system are as follows:

  • Hajj helpline for responding to inquiries, complaints, etc.
  • Android application named “Pak Hajj Moavin” and “Pak Hajj Guide” Mobile SMS service for information dissemination.
  • Android application for complaint registration.
  • Online complaint registration portal.
  • Hajj monitoring system along with a dashboard for official supervision.
  • Hajj Group Organizers-Management Information System (HGO-MIS) is being updated to include more modules


S.R.O 83 (I)89

S.R.O. Recruitment rules