National Commission for Minorities

National Commission for Minirities (NCM)

National Commission for Minorities is playing a pivotal role for creating   interfaith harmony in the country.  The last NCM completed its tenure on     10.05.2023 and the process of reconstitution of NCM is under process. The last       Commission had held Seventeen meetings and effectively contributed on the following counts: -

  • held threadbare discussions/consultations on the need, scope, and plan of action for an Interfaith Harmony Policy in the country.
  • Visited and held wide ranging consultations with all the provincial governments at top political and administrative level to ascertain the issues/challenges facing the minorities, steps taken to address those by the concerned agencies and proposed measures for further improvement in the existing policy/legislative framework.
  • played the role of frontline peace keeper in the after math of the desecration/demolishing of Terri Mandir / Samadhi located at District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • the Commission’s immediate intervention following the attack on a mandir at Bhong Shareef, Rahim Yar Khan on 03-08-2021, helped a lot in managing the explosive situation, pacifying the flared-up emotions and restoring the confidence of bereaved hindu community;
  • It was due to the Commission’s tangible endeavors that the law enforcement/administrative agencies took immediate cognizance of the attacks made on Sikh traders in KPK between January to May, 2022 the commission also played a laudable role in saving the situation following brutal murder of Mr. Nanadasi Priyantha Kumara, a Srilankan factory manager on 02-12-2021 at Sialkot.

Major Features

  • Established vide Cabinet decision No. 194/15/90 dated 02.07.1990
  • Present composition notified on 11.05.2020 for a period of 03 years
  • Commission consists of 06 official and 12 Non-official members
  • 10 members belong to minorities, with Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani as  its Chairman who himself hails from hindu community
  • Held 18 meetings and facilitated drafting of IH Policy and a Bill on its statutory framework
  • The Bill has been introduced in NA on 22.02.23 and referred to NA standing Committee


Functions of  National Commission for Minirities

  • Develop national Policy on Inter-faith Harmony
  • Consider laws, reported to be discriminatory towards the Minorities
  • Recommend  to Government steps for main streaming of minorities
  • Ensure celebrations of religious functions of minorities
  • Look into grievances of minorities and make suitable recommendations to the Government for their redressal
  • Ensure protection of worship places of Minorities / keep functional
  • Consider cases of NOCs for the sale/purchase/transfer of communal properties


Composition of National Commission for Minorities

Official Members

Non-official Members

Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani


Moulana Adul Khabir Azad

Mufti Gulzar Ahmed Naeemi

02 Muslims

Rep (BS-20) of M/o Interior


Prof. Dr. Sarah Safdar

Mr. Albert David

Mr. Liaqat Masih Qaiser

03 Christians

Rep (BS-20) of Ministry of Law and Justice


Dr. Jaipal Chhabria

Mr. Vishno RAja

03 Hindus

Rep (BS-20) of Ministry of Human Rights


Mr. Saroop Singh

Mr. Mimpal Singh

02 Sikh

Rep (BS-20) of Ministry of Federal Education and Technical Training


Ms. Roshan Khurshid Barucha

01 Parsi

Rep of Council of Islamic Ideology


Mr. Dawood Shah

01 Kalash

Secretary, RA&IH