Q No.1.       What are the assigned tasks of Interfaith Harmony Section?


Ans.            Interfaith Harmony Section deals with the matters pertaining to grant of Financial Assistance/Marriage Grant, Scholarships to students of the minority communities in Pakistan and Small Development Schemes meant for minorities. IH Section also arranges Conferences and celebrates Religious Function of minority communities at official level.


Q No.2        What is the maximum grant of Financial Assistance?


Ans.            As per rules in vogue maximum amount upto Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) is granted to minority individuals once in a financial year.


Q No.3.       How can one apply for the Financial Assistance?


Ans.            Any deserving individual belonging to minority community can apply for this facility on a prescribed performa through minority parliamentarians and Minister for RA&IH.


Q No.4.       What is the procedure to apply for financial assistance?


Ans.            An individual is required to fill in the prescribed application form for the purpose which can be obtained from this Ministry (IH Section) directly or downloaded from the website of this Ministry.


Q No.5.       What is marriage grant?


Ans.            This Ministry sanction grant upto Rs.50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) to widow belonging to minority community for marriage of her orphan girl.


Q No.6.       What is the procedure to apply for marriage grant?


Ans.            Following is the procedure:-


  1. Application will be entertained on prescribed Performa.
  2. Copies of CNICs of Widow and her daughter for which marriage grant is requested.
  3. Death certificate of the father of the girl.
  4. Verification of application / Personal Guarantee from concerned MNA, or MPA, or DCO, or Nazim, or member of NCM, Member of Church Committee, Member of Hindu Panchayat or other religious committee/organizations etc.


Q No.7.       Does this Ministry grant scholarship?


Ans.            Yes. This Ministry grants scholarships to the needy and handicapped students of the minority communities in Pakistan. These scholarships are granted to deserving regular students studying at various levels from class-1 to post graduate/professional levels.


Q No.8.       What is the procedure to apply for the scholarship?


Ans.            This Ministry invites applications from the minority students for grant of scholarships through advertisement in newspapers from all over the country. From 2023, the applications have also been invited online. The Ministry floats advertisement in daily newspapers and its website each year for invitation of application.


Q No.9.       What are the categories and rates of the scholarships?


Ans.            The scholarships to various categories of students are granted at the following rates: -



Primary level (Class I-V)

Rs.4,800/- p.a


Secondary level (Class VI-X)

Rs.7,200/- p.a


Intermediate level (FA, FSc, Technical Schools)



Degree /Post Graduate level (14-16 years education)



Professional Medical/ Engineering Colleges



Q No.10.     What are the eligibility criteria for scholarship?


Ans.            Eligibility Criteria for grant of scholarships is as follows :-

(i)       The candidate must belong to Minority Community and must be a regular student of Government institutions. Applications of private schools/institutions are not considered.

(ii)      Candidate’s parent/Guardian income must not exceed Rs.64,000/- pm.

(iii)     The students must have obtained at least 50% marks in the last year examination.

(iv)     The A/c number of the student must be mentioned on the application form (in case of joint A/c with father/guardian) certificate from respective bank must be attached.

  1. Application form must be received in this office through Head of institution on his letterhead. 
  2. In case of semester system at least marks sheet of two semesters result must be attached with the application form.  


Q No.11      What is the selection & disbursement procedure for scholarship?


Ans.          (i)        A committee scrutinizes the applications received from minority students in the light of the criteria mentioned in the Accounting Procedure.

  1. Scholarships are granted once in a year and will not be renewed automatically. Fresh applications and the applications of the old awardees for grant of scholarships will be considered together, on merit each year.


Q No.12.     What kind of schemes does this Ministry sponsor?


Ans.            This Ministry finances/sponsors Small Development Schemes for repair, renovation and uplift of minority worship places/graveyards and supply of equipment (beneficial for education or health), furniture fixtures etc.


Q No.13.     How one can apply for such schemes?


Ans.            A development scheme may be submitted on prescribed proforma available in IH Section and on the website of this Ministry.  


Q No.14.     What are the criteria for approval of such scheme?


Ans.            After technical scrutiny and receipt of feasibility report/PC-I, the schemes are placed before the committee headed by the Federal Minister for RA&IH for final approval.


Q No.15.     Any active work to ensure interfaith harmony within country?


Ans.            For interfaith harmony among different faiths/religions, this Ministry holds seminars, religious functions of different minorities at official level and conduct interfaith conferences at all provincial headquarters on different topics for promotion of interfaith harmony and peaceful co-existence.


Q No.16.     What kind of functions are celebrated by this ministry?


Ans.            This Ministry celebrates important religious functions/ festivals of Minority Communities at official level including Christmas, Easter, Dewali, Holi, Nauroze, Chilmjusht, Eid-e-Ridvan, Festival of Lights, Janam Din of Baba Guru Nanak and Besakhi of Christian, Hindu, Parsi, Kalash, Bahais, Buddhists and Sikh Communities respectively.



Q No.17.     What is National commission for Minorities (NCM)?


Ans.            National Minorities Commission for Minorities (NCM) is under the administrative control of this Ministry. It has its own ToRs and work for Minorities.


                   The Commission is mandated to recommend to the Government such steps to ensure fuller and effective participation by the members of minority communities in all aspects of national life.  The Commission has already visited places where incidences of violence or discrimination happened to resolve the matter amicably.



Q No.18.     Whether this Ministry has devised any sort of policy?


Ans.            Yes. This Ministry in consultation with all stakeholders at federal and provincial levels has devised a policy titled “Interfaith Harmony Policy”. This document is in its final stage for approval by the Cabinet Division.



Q No.19.     What is the purpose to develop this policy?


Ans.            The purpose of IH Policy is bring harmony in the country as it is linked with the principles of policy implementation envisaged in the National Security Policy (2022-2026) and also develops synergy with the National Action Plan.


Q No.20.     What are salient features of the policy?


  • The Policy defines the vision, objectives and direction towards realization of ideological, social, cultural and religious cohesion amongst various segments of the nation.
  • The policy specifically aims at devising a strategy to promote interfaith harmony; increasing awareness about rights of minorities and respect of religious freedom; combating intolerance in the society through interfaith dialogues; checking/curbing violent/hate material/ speeches to avoid rift amongst the religious communities; mainstreaming of minorities through enabling legislative/administrative initiative; and dispelling adverse propaganda against Pakistan regarding alleged persecution of minorities.
  • It also includes a Plan of Action to achieve these objectives through feasible/ relatable measures at all levels.