Web Evaluation Cell


Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony (MORA) is fully committed to take all necessary steps, within its purview, to report blasphemous content on social media. Since 2015, MORA has been providing strong assistance to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority by providing expert opinion on objectionable content (including blasphemous/Anti-Islamic/Sectarian/pornographic etc.)  and by forwarding recommendations to PTA through e-portal for blockage / any other necessary action.

An Apex committee is also notified comprising the representative of all schools of thoughts, university academia and representatives from PTA, Federal Investigation Agency, Council of Islamic Ideology and Law and Justice Division to analyze sensitive online contents and prepare recommendations for taking further appropriate actions. The Apex Committee is holdings its regular meetings and 17th meeting in this context was held on 09-01-2024 and minutes of the said meeting were circulated on 18th January 2024 for compliance by all concerned.

The summary of total figure regarding objectionable links reported for blockage to PTA till 22-01-2024 is a follows:-


Links Reported before 11-09-2023


Links Reported after 11-09-2023








Coordination with Stakeolder

  1. Pakistan Telecome Authority
  2. Federal Investigation Agency
  3. Law & Justice

Consolidated Report from till 26-01-2024

Provision of Views in Court Case


 A petitioner Mr. Umer Nawaz filed a petition in Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench to take legal action against the spread of online blasphemous content. The Court directed this Ministry to coordinate with all the stake holders for compliance of the Court’s instruction. In compliance of the direction of the Court MORA, after obtaining the report from all concern filed in the Court So far the Court is satisfied with this Ministry’s performance whereas, directions have been issued to other stake holder for specific implementation.

Pakistan Civil Award

In December, the Ministries and their divisions are invited to recommend candidates to the Cabinet Division. Received nominations are considered by three awards committees after which final proposal is sent to the President for approval. After the President's approval, the announcements are made on Independence Day and investiture takes place on Pakistan Day. The Web Evaluation CELL (WEC) is also responsible for nominating numerous Religious personalities for Conferment of Pakistan Civil Awards starting from 2022 to till date.

In 2022/2023 WEC worked on the numerous Religious Personalities for Conferment of Pakistan Civil Awards. Report at (Annex-II)