Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony :: Initiatives

Hajj Policy-2024 / Hajj & Umrah (Regulation) Act, 2023

  • Hajj & Umrah (Regulation) Act, 2023 has been approved by the Parliament and will be implemented after formulation of rules and regulations under this Act

Upscaling of Route to Makkah Project

  • ‘Road to Makkah’ project was initiated from Islamabad  airport during Hajj Operation-2019 and 25000 Hajis benefited
  • The pre-conditions shared by KSA for upscaling the project have been completed by M/o RA & IH
  • Approval of Royal Council of Saudi Arabia is required for upscaling the project to other four stations.

Reconstruction of Pakistan House, Madinah Munawwarah

  • Saudi Authorities issued notice on 31.01.2023 for the demolition of Pakistan House Madinah-II
  • The matter was taken with Saudi Authorities and Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan to avoid imminent demolition
  • Prime Minister Office was also requested on 21.02.2023 to take up the matter with Kingship of Saudi Arabia as the Pakistan House-II is extremely important for Hajj Operation

Zaireen Management Policy

  • Federal Cabinet approved Zaireen  Management Policy on 13th April,2021
  • Signing of MOUs with IRAN,IRAQ and Syria under process
  • Rules under Hajj and Umrah Act are being framed to regulate Umrah

PSDP Projects  

  • Kartarpur Bridge and Recycling Plant for shaheed Quran papers projects are extremely important but have been delayed due to non-provision of money on timely basis

Ban on Illegal printing and publication of the Holy Quran

  • Illegal printing/publication of the Holy Quran was reported from Chenab Nager, Punjab
  • Several litigation originated on illegal printing/publication of the Holy Quran on which the LHC took very serious note of the issue
  • PMO constituted a high level committee which gave 16 directions all of which are being implemented by various organizations in coordination with MORA

Curbing of dissemination of online blasphemous material

  • A lot of online blasphemous material was in circulation which was hurting the religious sentiments of the Muslims
  • LHC took up the matter and issued strict directions for curbing it
  • MORA is coordinating with all federal and provincial departments/agencies to implement the directions of the court

Interfaith Harmony Policy

  • The Ministry drafted Policy on interfaith harmony
  • In compliance with Cabinet Decision, National Security Advisor synergized the draft with National Security Policy for consideration of Cabinet (11.03.2022)
  • The Final Draft is now with the Federal Cabinet for consideration/approval (since: 21.10.2022)
  • Framing of IH Policy is linked with continuing of GSP Plus status of Pakistan

Re-Composition of National Commission for Minorities

  • NCM was established on 02.07.1990
  • Its composition was notified on 11.05.2020 for a period of 03 years
  • Summary for the Cabinet for re-composition of NCM is with Minister for Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony (15.03.2023)

Pakistan Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (PSGPC)

  • PSGPC is constituted for management of Sikh religious rituals
  • Last PSGPC was notified on 12.07.2019 and completed its 03 years
  • Cabinet approved its re-composition but its notification not issued on the verbal directions of PMO
  • Its notification needs to be issued, as it is constituted as a reciprocal activity under a Bilateral Protocol between India and Pakistan to preserve each others minority shrines