Chairman National Minorities Commission along with members met with President Arif Alvi in the Presidency

(Islamabad: 10th March, 2021) Chairman Cheela Ram Kewalani gave a detailed briefing to the President on the proposed Minority Act Details on welfare of minorities and solution of problems were discussed with the President of Pakistan: Chairman National Minorities Commission Dr. Arif Alvi assures full support to National Minorities Commission: Cheela Ram Kewalani According to the vision of the present government, the non-Muslim population is active for the development of the country: Cheela Ram Kewalani After 27 years, concrete steps are being taken to solve the problems of minorities: Chairman National Minorities Commission, President Arif Alvi appreciates efforts of National Minorities Commission: Cheela Ram Kewalani. The National Minorities Commission will also meet the Chief Justice of Pakistan this month: Chairman, The National Minorities Commission has Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Baha'i, Kailash as well as Muslim members.